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Effective media literacy demands that an individual be aware and cautious about the amount of personal information they post on the internet or maintain on their computers. This information can be easily gathered and used to build a profile that involves personnel activities which can then further be used in predictive analysis for both good and nefarious reasons.

Created by Febelfin (“Fédération belge du secteur financier”)

Potter recommends seven strategies to protecting your online privacy:

  1. Search for information about yourself
  2. Correct inaccuracies
  3. Be careful what you post about yourself online
  4. Be skeptical about requests for information
  5. Study privacy policies
  6. Download software to protect your computer from threats to your privacy
  7. Set up your Internet browsers to disallow cookies as a default (Potter, 2013).

(…besides, sugar is bad for you…)  😉


Potter, W. J. (2013). Media Literacy. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, Inc.