About the Authors

Ken S. Heller (2012 – Present)

Ken has worked in communications for more than 27 years – 21 of those in Army Public Affairs (involving print and broadcast journalism, internal information, media relations, crisis communications and community relations) during which time he was awarded the Bronze Star for service in Iraq and the Legion of Merit upon retirement. Since leaving the Army, Ken has worked as a management consultant specializing in strategic planning, strategic communication, stakeholder relationship management, and business process reengineering while continuously dabbling in information technology. Ken’s education includes various advanced military studies, a B.A. in Humanities, an M.S. in Psychology, specializing in media psychology, and an international certificate in communications program evaluation and measurement. He is also a member of Psi Chi.

As the blog founder, Ken’s intention is to examine the world and the things that happen in it through the lens of media psychology and media literacy.  He admits he may cross into other related areas of personal interest such as strategic communication, public affairs, public diplomacy, propaganda, psychological operations, and the military from time to time.

Contact: Ken@mediapsychology101.com
Google+: gplus.to/KenHeller
Twitter: @KHeller66


Donna L. Roberts, Ph. D. (2015 – Present)

Bio picDr. Donna Roberts is a writer and university professor residing in Europe. She has been researching the field of media psychology throughout her career, with a focus on consumer behavior and the psychology of advertising. Donna holds a PhD in Psychology, a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Human Relations, and Master of Education in Counseling. In addition to being an Associate Professor, Dr. Roberts is also the Discipline Chair for Psychology and Sociology in Embry-Riddle’s College of Arts & Sciences.

Contact: donna_roberts13@yahoo.com

LinkedIn: http://de.linkedin.com/in/donnaleeroberts


Sergio Del Bianco (2016 – Present)


With a background in fine art and psychology, Sergio Del Bianco is an instructor and writer interested in the intersection of art, psychology and economics, who is now gathering data for a series of books and articles on the subject of media psychology.

Contact: sergiodelbianco@yahoo.com



Melissa Anne Chyba (2017 – Present)

Chyba Profile Picture


Melissa Chyba is a subject matter expert in marketing technology, media and data integration. With over 20 years in the industry leading sales, client services and delivery teams, she helps companies intersect their marketing and sales strategies into actionable tactics. Melissa has an M.S. in Media Psychology and a passion for educating consumers about how marketing and technology are used to influence behavior.


Contact: melissa@chyba.net
Twitter: @melissachyba
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/melissachyba/


Past Authors:

Lisa Peyton (2013 – 2014)

Lisa Peyton: Writer, teacher and digital marketing consultant and coach. Lisa Peyton is a writer, teacher and digital marketing consultant based in Portland, Oregon. She teaches digital marketing strategies at Portland State University and acts as Executive Editor for TMMPDX.COM. She has been working with clients for almost a decade, helping them meet the needs of their online communities.

Contact: lisa.peyton@gmail.com
Google+: gplus.to/LisaPeyton
Twitter: @LisaPeyton
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/lisapeyton
Web: http://www.lisapeyton.com/


Ericka Goerling (2014 – 2014)
ErickaPicEricka has been fascinated by the intersection between media and psychology for most of her life. As a small child she was transported by the power of story as she cast herself as Laura Ingalls or Princess Leia for hours on end (compliments of TV and movie narrative). The ubiquity of media has been ever-present as an adult, as well. Professionally, she holds an M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Lewis and Clark College and worked with crime survivors and their families for 15 years in the nonprofit and criminal justice arenas. In this area, she was able to see both the exploitative effects of media (e.g. cyber stalking, fraud, bullying), as well as the restorative effects (social action, support and justice).

Currently, Ericka teaches undergraduate psychology in Portland, Oregon. She holds an M.A. in Media Psychology from Fielding Graduate University and is currently finishing work towards her PhD. Her current research looks specifically at the effects of social media, gratitude and well-being.

Contact: egoerling@mac.com


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