50-Something Gaming Academics on Twitter

10 Things Everyone Should Know about Propaganda – Nancy Snow

A List Of Fallacious Arguments

Allies and Aliens

Analyzing Argument – Rhetorica

Association for Media Literacy (Canada)

Association for Psychological Science

Atlas.ti – Qualitative Data Analysis


BJ Fogg’s Behavior Model

Calvin College

CAMeRa (Holland)

Canadian WWII Propaganda Posters

Center for Media Literacy

Changing Minds

Churnalism – Spin detector

Churnalism (UK)

Columbia Journalism Review

Common Sense Media

CyberSense and Nonsense

CyberWise – Course

CyberWise – Learning Hub

Detecting Bias

Diction 5.0 – Rhetorica

Diction Text-Analysis Program

Diversity and Media Toolbox

Drudge Report

Easy Media List

Create media lists for business publicity and promotion. In minutes you can download a list of American media contacts for your on-going publicity efforts, including distribution of press releases and news alerts.

Facing Online Hate

Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting

Fallacy Files

Google Apps Tutorials and Training Resources

Google in Education

Google in the Classroom

Heresthetics – Rhetorica

Institute for Propaganda Analysis

Journalisted (UK)

Journalism In The Americas

Learning Works for Kids

Lexicon – Rhetorica

Media Education Foundation

Media Map – The impact of media development worldwide

Media Monitoring – Moreover Technologies

Media Psychology Research Center

Media Smarts (Canada)

Media Watch

Mondo Times

Covers 31,000 news media outlets in 212 countries, including newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations, networks, news agencies and online news sources. Find local media by state or major city or find magazines.

Newsdesk – Moreover Technologies

Password Strength Check

Phil Taylor’s Web Site – Way Back Machine

Propaganda – Way Back Machine

Propaganda Critic

Propaganda – Encyclopedia of American Foreign Policy, 2002, Osgood, Kenneth A.

Propaganda Quotes

Propaganda – Rhetorica

Propaganda: Who’s Playing With Your Mind?

PSYOP (American Army) History and Traditions

PSYOPS – Wars Are Fought On and Off the Battlefield – Online Psychology Degrees

Responding to Online Hate

Resisting Influence – Philip Zimbardo

Russian Archives Online – Soviet Propaganda

Seven Common Propaganda Devices

Shrink Wrap Radio

Social Research Hub

Stop Bullying

The Critical Thinking Community – Where to Begin

Teaching Cyber Safety – Verizon

The Psych Files Podcast

The Psychology of Cyberspace


The Virtual Laboratory – Essays and Resources on the Experimentalization of Life (English/German/French)

Tropes and Schemes – Rhetorica

TV Tropes

Understand Media

USC Center on Public Diplomacy


Media Psychology Homepage


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