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Source: 16 basic principles of mass indoctrination

Aspie Savant

Sep 10, 2015


1. Start while they’re young.


2. Create the illusion of political freedom.


3. Use simplistic stereotypes to sway public opinion.

4. Mix facts with lies.


5. A big lie is more convincing than a small lie.


6. Give the masses “bread and circuses” to keep them well-fed and distracted.


7. Simplify complex issues by portraying them as dichotomies. Eliminate nuance.


8. Spread propaganda by all means possible.


9. Ostracize dissident voices through ridicule or defamation.


10. Faith in the correctness of a religion or ideology is more powerful than force.


11. Manipulate history records to support your religion or ideology.


12. Control different sides of the same debate and you control the outcome.

13. The masses are less swayed by reason than by stirring their emotions.

14. Drive the opposition in a corner. When they fight back, act like a victim.


15. Label all non-conformistic behavior as pathological and promote “cures” for them.


16. Use rituals and mass events to keep people occupied and strengthen their faith.