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Shocking research reveals why you like people (and companies) that deceive you

Source: How Marketers Manipulate You Into Becoming Their Friend

By Douglas Van Praet

There’s a good reason marketers want you to be their friend, family, club member or part of their “in-crowd.” Advertisers have learned that it pays to establish a strong affinity with their brand community. Today, community building in marketing and social media is the brand imperative. And “Friends and Family” loyalty programs now abound.

But consumer psychologists have now also learned that our affiliation with a group can create a bias in our judgments in favor of marketers. This lapse in judgment is in play, even when you are aware that the seller is deceiving you.

Most people believe they are being fair and impartial when judging the transgressions of others and how they should be punished. After all, what’s wrong is wrong. People and companies should be punished…

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